Friday, 13 March 2009

Hi EVERYBODYEEE I feel like offloading all of my thoughts and dreams with the rest of you out there in cyberspace. Well today i got up and had to walk the dog which was a bummer.. but kinda fun.. I had him chained outside the supermarket while i dashed in and bought a nice medium tub of strawberry yoghurt (mmmm).. so i walked home eating that - yoghurt tub in one hand and poochie on the other (busy gal - lol) Got home and put my feet up for 5 mins.. Painted my nails fuschia as i had planned to go out to do a bit of shopping (life of luxury!!).. So went out to the shopping mall - took FOREVER to find a park.. I was getting a bit crabby with some of the annoying mother driver's getting my spot. grrrr!! but got in and then proceeded straight in the directions of SKIRTS!!! lol.. I also saw some reaaaallly FUNKii wrought iron curly mirrors. SOoooo meeeee..!!! This girl can shop! Got soooo much more i want to tell you about - but no time - i got my feet up (again) CYA xoxoxo

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